A common mineral form of lead is galena, lead sulfide (PbS). In the sample shown, the galena crystals are formed in a bed of quartz. The sample is about 4x4 cm and is from Neudorf, Germany.

Galena is a noticeably dense mineral, having a density of about 7.6 gm/cm3. It has a metallic luster.

The samples pictured here are on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

In the sample at right, the galena crystals are formed with sphalerite. The sample is about 9x6 cm and is from Mogul mine, Tipperary, Ireland.

This sample shows galena formed with siderite. The sample is about 8x8 cm. The closer view below shows characteristic crystal shapes.

This sample is about 20 cm high.

The shape of the crystals hints at their underlying cubic crystal structure. This sample is displayed at close to actual size.

This sample of galena is formed with calcite crystals. The sample width is about 15 cm.

These galena crystals are from Gonderbach mine, Laasphe, Nord Rhein-Westphalen, Germany. The sizes are about 3x5 cm and 1x3 cm.

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