22.2 Reflection and Refraction
Refraction of Light Demonstration

Click on the "start Simulation" button to open the applet window. You can select the material of the second medium by simply clicking on the appropriate label.   Note that a drop shadow is used on the labels to identify the selected medium. You can change the angle of incidence by clicking on the incident beam (blue beam) and dragging it. The selected value along with the corresponding refraction angle are provided.

Navigation: You can come back to this window by pressing the "Close Simulation" button on the bottom frame of the utility.  

start.gif (693 bytes)

The concepts involved in this simulation are discussed in section 22.2. The angle of refraction is determined by using equation 22.2.
Andrea Mameli, Gavino Paddeu, Paolo Anedda, Marco Pescosolido, Enrico Stara
Networked and Distributed Systems - CRS4
Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia, Italy

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