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Do you know how big the world is? Would you like to go around the World? Do you know think we can make the World small?

Of Course, the World is absolutely large but just visit my Eternal World at least an hour a day, then all the above questions mentioned can be solved. Language, especialy English, bridges every single inch of the area together. Language can shrink the World. Therefore.......... Let's Talk , Let's walk, and Go. .............Then you will realize that............ English is easy!!!!!!!.

Love you,

Aj. Gunnitha








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Dear M. 4 Pre-intermediates,

1. Please make sure that you have filled in the Bio Form and sent it back to me. It should be done by the end of June.

2. M. 4 Pre- intermediate group, please well prepared for the quiz starting from June 27 - July 1.

Dear M. 5 pre-intermediate group,

The quiz will be held from June 27 - July 1.