Each class: Attendance / Maintaining classrooms

Besides your lesson, you are required to do a number of other things. Take attendance at the beginning. If students are missing, you need to try to obtain a note of excuse. You should receive this at the end of class along with a record of the lesson that you should sign. Each lesson, it is the responsility of a certain student to present you with a book containing this form. If they do not, you may need to remind them. You should record the reason for any absences. If there is no note, you still need to record where that student was during their absence. It may be necessary to speak with such students during lessons subsequent to their absence or otherwise contact them individually.

Chairs and desks should be returned to their orginal positions at the end of class. All electrical equipment including fans and lights should be turned off at this time unless you know another teacher will immediately use them. Also, make sure to clean the whiteboard and return all chairs and desks to their initial positions. Students can help you with this. Remind the students to take everything they brought with them, especially disposables such as paper and water bottles. Make a note of any missing or broken property in the room and inform the teacher responsible for supplies.

Important. Shutdown digital projectors with the button on the device. It will be beside a light that will be green when active and orange when shutdown. DO NOT turn off the projector directly with the switch on the wall as this will cause the bulb to quickly deteriorate from overheating. If you have the last class of the day and the projector has been shutdown for at least 15 minutes, you should then turn off the switch if it is still on. Open windows should also be closed at this time.

Each day: Regular Duties

Teachers are expected to sign in and out each day on the first floor of academic building 3. The Personnel Office will obtain your thumb print for this purpose at the beginning of your employment. You should inform your Department Head if you need to leave the school. You will have access to a desk in the Foreign Language Office on the seventh floor of academic building 1. PC's are available for work and notebook computers may be available to borrow from the school as well. Various teaching supplies are available through the office, but you should be sure to sign for them in the appropriate book (it should contain a tab with your name). You should notify the teacher responsible for supplies before borrowing specialty equipment such as DVD players or scanners. Books from the school library can be checked out, but require a separate fingerprint to be logged onto their system.

Each week: Clinics / Photocopying

Teachers are encouraged to participate in weekly clinics where you make yourself available in the library to help students one night a week from 19.00-21.00. You will be reimbursed for this extra duty at the standard rate for overtime duties. Each month you will be asked to submit this form documenting the students with which you worked and the topic on which you worked. Students should sign this document each time they visit you.

The department has its own photocopier. However, it has limited use. In order to keep it in working order and make best use of your time, you should fill out a form and submit documents for photocopying to the room for that purpose on the second floor in academic building 3.


Each month: Laundry / Pay stubs

If you are participating in the laundry service, you should pay on the second floor of academic building 3 at this interval (underwares are excluded in the service).

You will receive documentation of pay at the end of each month. You will typically have your pay automatically put in an account set up by the school. It is recommended that you keep these forms for tax purposes.

Every 90 days: Immigration

You must check in with the immigration office every 90 days in accord with national law. Failure to do so will incur daily fines. The school will provide transportation and help you to do this when necessary. Please make sure to inform you Department Head when you need to do so, so that an appropriate time can be determined and prepared for.

Miscellanious: Extra Duties / Memorandums

Various duties crop up at different times throughout the year. Festivals, competitions, parties, trips and the like will be on the schedule, and you will be asked to participate when possible. Remember, students live at the school and there parents usually cannot take them for the kinds of activities that most children enjoy. It is therefore important for their overall health and development that we do our best to provide opportunities for rest and stimulation. Other events are held strictly for the staff. These are important for staff cohesion, especially between foreign and native teachers who have so much to share together.

If you need to make a request of any kind to the school, i.e. you need to miss work, your room needs maintenance, etc., you should fill out a form. Typically, it should first be signed by the Department Head and then submitted to the appropriate office. It should be addressed to the Director as that office ultimately signs off on most such documents.